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Other people who think that number frequncy research is cool

Today’s xkcd comic made me oh so happy. Mainly because Randal Munroe (the comic’s creator) and I are clearly incredibly cool people who are fun to talk to at parties.


As someone who never sets their alarm to a number ending in 0 or 5 (I woke up at 06:56 this morning) I can sympathise with the character in the comic. But more importantly, this is an example of number frequency information being used for humour! Yes!

It reminded me of the one other time I have seen this done. In the TV series Nathan Barley the title character extolls the virtues of his Wasp T12 Speechtool phone. Aside from built in decks and anti-shark technology, “It’s got a massive number 5 because thats the most common number.”*


Now I’m not saying that this phone is the entire reason for my most recent research. But. Well. Maybe it is*?

*Almost definitely not true but hard to prove. Also look at this asterisk efficiency.

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